The two old ladies at the bookstore. 

I really wanted to share this small incident, so here it is:

Yesterday, I met two lovely old ladies at the local bookstore. As they came, one of them asked for the novels, so the store owner immediately arranged the stool considering her age and the lady sat gazing intently on the classics section. 

          I could not help but observe that woman. The way her eyes moved through the books and shelves; she would pick one novel and then another and in few minutes she held a bunch of books in her hands and goggled at the titles. While I was into this observation, the other lady who stood beside me suddenly whispered in my ears: “She’s eighty-five years old.” I immediately turned to her and was amazed too by the information she had given. Eighty-five is a big number, to think of and look at the rejuvenating spirit of the old woman, you wonder if you could make it that far! 

          So we continued talking about her and she told me how that lovely woman had built a huge library of her own which she keeps safely locked and whenever she comes to the city, she makes sure she buys some novels. This conversation extended for a few more minutes leading to a warm hug between us and that’s when I said goodbye. 

          This lady, the one I talked to (Oh! I so wish I had asked their names for that would have avoided all this confusion) was very cheerful. Tall and fit in appearance, she was a beautiful person who talked from her heart, really. Ah! I forgot to mention, by the time I had gone she had almost bought ‘Hardy Boys’ (for her grandson).

          You don’t often get to meet such people, such readers and when you do, it surely feels like a blessing. You see, books allow you to connect to people, to build relations! I now wish, I should have asked for her name or her e-mail but then, maybe I would meet her again, who knows, it could be some other bookstore!


Father’s Day

This word ‘Father’ has such great responsibilities in its working that you ought to pay much respect to it. I know this word in my own way, through my daddy! That smile of his, that which appears when I am happy is such a delight to watch. Those tears in his eyes that fall at the sight of his daughter crying can never be explained by any other relation. I remember holding my father’s finger as a child and I still walk with him as if his little girl. No matter how hard the situation is, when he tells me all will be fine, I believe all is fine…that’s the magic wand he has got. How he dotes on me! That zeal in him at my little achievements is such a pride to watch. You feel the protection, the happiness, the life with your father at your side. He made me believe what I only dreamed of. What I thought of as impossible, he called it a reality. That strong faith that he puts in me, its a treasure. A great father that he is, I can not thank him enough. Happy Father’s day Daddy! 
And To all the great fathers of the lovely daughters, a very happy Father’s Day!