Life – A wave

There are times in life when we are totally lost, not knowing what to do next because we are broken and shattered by the way our life has treated us. We feel like cursing our life for its deeds and all we are left with is frustration, anger and guilt to live with.

During all this time, somewhere deep down we have a hope that something would cure our destiny and our life would soon get rid of the disease. If we cling on that hope and promise ourself never to disown self, we will find peace for sure. As life if punishes us, it also has rewards to give us.
If we see a graph of life…its like a wave with ups and downs in it, once it lays flat like a silent sea, the life ends!!
Its all about patience and hope, we need to act patiently when tasting the bitterness of life and at the same time hoping that soon the taste would change to sweetness.
Its all about how we perceive our life.


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