Rising above the world

Its moving, swiftly like the wind blows
Running like water flows from the hills top
Trees in wonder, standing still in awe
Its in rush, leaving behind all

It looks similar as if its known
Oh! Its her, her hair waving at me
I watch her sprint and scamper
Leaving the world and else in scene

She glides by the stream of water
Unaffected by its waves
She blows past the teeming flowers
Then passing by the fields

She is rising, rising higher and higher
She is smiling while she flies
Smiling at the world behind her
She is rising above the skies

World looks upon her with admiration
She is shining like a star
I can see her glowing, brighter and brighter
Like an accomplished desire!


2 thoughts on “Rising above the world”

  1. The outstanding imagery in this heavenly poem is enhanced by your poetic choice of heavenly life blended with rhythm flowing from your heart . In other words i love it !


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