Like the arrows of friendship

Like a sudden rainfall
Like a surprising fortune
Like an impromptus bestowal

You fled to my song and
Graced its tune

Like a blessing from the god
Like a shower of flowers
Like a flow of kind words

You came to my life
With loads of care

Like a helping hand of love
Like a gesture full of tenderness
Like a smile of an innocent

You filled my cup with
Spoons of friendliness

Like a bloomy chrysanthemum
Like a bouquet of yellow rose
Like the birds of friendship

Our friendship grew stronger
And stronger

Like the shine of the sun
Like the power of the wind
Like the colour of the rainbow

Promise me we will be
friends forever

Like a broken heart aches
Like a falling leaf wails
Like a plucked rose moans

I will feel if some pebble
Is thrown at our bond

But I know

Like a beauty of a happy couple
Like a song of a nightingale
Like a twinkling star blinks

We will smile and revel in
To live forever


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