Know yourself

That’s where i belong. Yes, this is what i should go for and this is what I like. I now know the road i am going to step on and am confident enough about it.

Wait. Check that!

Am i confident??

Are you confident of what you are pursuing in life? It could be anything…any decision of your life.

Look at yourSELF and then answer the question.
In our life, we come across thousands of those points where many roads diverge and we just cant pick one because we are never sure of what we actually want.
There is always some doubt travelling in our minds which makes us tremble and stumble, and because of this doubt we tend to approve of the easier roads to travel on.
Is this because we do not really know the real us?
What an irony of life! – ‘I do not know myself’
When you don’t know yourself then how can you take decisions for yourself. If in such circumstances we choose to take up a road, there is likelihood that you are either going to underestimate or overestimate yourself.
Take a look at yourself with your eyes and not with those of people around you. They cannot know you more than you do. Take off your virtual image and look for the real you and then take decisions and see the results!!


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