This day and the next day!

We feel proud of this day. We feel ambitious and powerful about ourselves. Smiles and happiness all over. We talk and laugh and eat like the most happiest person under the sun. No misery can spur us. No sorrows can knock at us. We are at our best and happiness is ruling us.
The very next day, we are nobody. The friends are same but they lack vigour. The food is same but lacks taste. The smiles are same but lack trueness. We ourselves are same but we are not similar. It appears to be all same to our senses but we don’t accept it. Everything seems to have lost in melancholy.
But the real misery lies in us. We don’t recognise it but we feel it. It pinches us now and then but we fail to comprehend and instead blame every other possible target.
Why is it that when it is most important to understand ourselves and look for ourselves, we begin searching for everything that is to be accused of our misery?
Why don’t we realise the real thing?
Why do we feel little at times?
We need to devote ourselves to us. Out of our busy schedules we need to invest some time to ourselves…we need to know who we are and who we want to be. Study the problems that lies within you and try resolving it rather than putting blame on somebody else. The solution lies within you.


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