Is Right, Wrong??

A wish to do the right
but its wrong.
Right appears wrong
and the wrong, right.
Both the roads are right
as well as wrong.
Each equally rugged
to tread.
Right is unappetising for it’s wrong
and wrong unpalatable for it’s right.
Which one to travel on??
Right or Wrong?
As right is wrong
and wrong, right!




2 thoughts on “Is Right, Wrong??”

  1. I’ve often found doing the right thing results in no reward besides the self-awareness of you doing the right thing. It is difficult to swallow when you see people doing the wrong thing and being rewarded for it.

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    1. I think a wrong even if bestowed can never compete the right,, because in some way right thing will always prove to be better. So be proud that you have done the right. :)

      My point in this post was that sometimes it’s necessary to forget the right and do the other thing. But that doesn’t mean anything wrong. Doing wrong would be harming somebody or something. As the quote in the post says,, sometimes there is another right thing which though not very right but has the significance of its own.

      If you get to read the poem ‘The Unknown Citizen’,, do read it. Its about the loss of individuality. It talks of a person who is always right in terms of society, profession and family, but he lacks individuality and is only a part of the crowd. Such life is useless. Sometimes its good to take risks and experiment with yourselves and not always do the ‘safe right’. There are more other right options available.

      P.S. Thankyou for liking my work.


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