Reading 30 Challenge: #3 – ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. A beautiful journey through beautiful words.

I have been hearing of this book since forever but don’t know why I never picked it up.
It was my last birthday when my friend gifted me this book tilted ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (to whom I am greatly thankful).
It stayed at my little library since then. It was only a few days back that I consented myself to read it.
To be clear, I wish to mention that, I had only heard the name of the book and nothing else. I would say, this was the first book I read about which I knew nothing about except the title. I did not even read the blurb!!

Coming to the novel, Pride and Prejudice, I have to say that it is something I have never read before.
The manner in which Jane Austen has written it is beyond extraordinary. It was bounteous pleasure in reading it.

The moment when Elizabeth receives the letter from Mr. Darcy is the best part of the novel. The waves of emotions flowing in the head of Elizabeth–conflicts, contradictions, regrets, gratitude, foolishness, helplessness and every other emotion is beautifully woven into words by Jane Austen. While you read it, it feels as if you are present within the character because it is indeed so beautifully designed. Every word for the descriptions of emotions have been chosen with great care and move the reader to utmost extent.

The storyline is pretty but the writing style is beautiful. It carries you to their world through the words penned by Jane Austen. It comprises of characters who are not grand and perfect instead are prone to mistakes and imperfections, thus making it even more close to its readers.


The sisterly love between Elizabeth and Jane makes you smile and moves you to tears at some moments. As in these lines:

“Elizabeth, as she affectionately embraced her, whilst tears filled the eyes of both”

“”But you–How are you?” cried Elizabeth.”

The fatherly love as well leaves you speechless at times. Though not very evident in the novel, it is hidden and can be seen in the expressions of Mr. Bennet. As in these lines:

“The only pain was in leaving her father, who would certainly miss her, and who, when it came to the point, so little liked her going, that he told her to write to him, and almost promised to answer her letter.”

Coming to friendship, from the of arrival of Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy at Hertfordshire, the friendship blossomed throughout the novel.
It is the words and sentences used by Jane Austen which force you to keep reading sentences time and again. It is a work to be cherished and treasured. It is the novel to be placed in every library. It grips you and captivates you.
Jane Austen is unmatchable. She writes powerfully and creates the mood which touches your heart at the deepest. You feel the character like you are there within the character. Every description leaves you spellbound.

It is beauty bestowed in words. The more I appreciate the more I wish to.
It is mesmerising. I have not felt this for any other novel as yet.
Descriptions of emotions are best described in this one. I am not amazed at the thought of it being chosen the best book of all times for it really is.
Reading it is a pleasure indeed.
It is beautiful.




When Our Doll met a Doll…


“Do you see that doll? It doesn’t speak”
“Oh you don’t know, it does breeze
When in company of her companion
She pours her heart out into words
She feels good, as in triumph.
They hold each other’s hand upright
Like its a bond forever and destinies
They bind it tight.
Bliss it was for her, too used to it to bother
She blabbered every thought out
Like she claims her rights on the other.
She listened to her submissively – the companion
who didn’t turn up once, so it went upside down
Our doll as always let off the barriers to her mind.
Their hands fell off, blue bliss turned brown
She (the companion) asserted and shared
Our doll, listened placidly
They held their hands, tighter and braced”
“I see them talk, it’s beautiful.”