A silent cry shattering silently

Like the burning arrow being driven through my body
I feel fire running through my body
But still, I am shivering for I am crying
not a tear in my eyes, say those who are lying
Thoughts rambling in my mind
fighting, quarrelling and polluting my time
I long to shout, scream out loud
but I am tied to strings am not proud
I submit to their arrogance in silence
for I live by peace making license
It has been the same, since forever
driving into four hearts, four matchsticks clever, ever and ever
Hearts melting every time for spreading love
forming again to serve the tough
Why is it that it keeps happening?
Tell it to stop, please its threatening
Take me away from this flu
Oh! I dearly, dearly miss you.

4 spoons burning down to imminent death



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