Reading 30 Challenge: #2 – Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The tragedy.

People around me keep mentioning Hamlet by Shakespeare, as an extraordinary tragic drama. So I once began reading Hamlet and here I present my views on it. Though most everybody is very well aware of Shakespeare and his popular works, Still I would mention that Hamlet is accounted as one of the best works by Shakespeare.

The play begins when Hamlet gets to know of his mother’s marriage to his Uncle who killed his father. Hamlet as per the wish of his father (who appeared as a ghost) began plotting on killing the Uncle in order to fulfil the revenge.The story is depressing, of course, as it is a tragedy.

As per my view, the only and the best part of the whole play was Hamlet’s dialogues. The very fact that he is a scholar is clearly evident from his majestic dialogues. Sometimes he is Intelligent, Sometimes Sarcastic, Sometimes he Speaks his Heart out and Sometimes he is matchless in his Words.





The projection of Hamlet’s character is prizewinning. An intelligent mind always at work. He thinks before he acts which is considered as his tragic flaw as he perhaps thinks too much. It is because of this that he knocks off many opportunities he got to kill the King (uncle). Perhaps he was too good to kill anybody.

The tragic end comes up with the death of Hamlet along with the King( Hamlet’s Uncle) and queen (Hamlet’s mother) lying on the death bed. I wished for something more to happen before the ending. Climax is not potent or influential. It ended rather easily.

Ophelia (Hamlet’s beloved) is sketched as a weak woman whereas she could have been a strong individual. There are certain moments when she could have stood up for herself, instead of acting as a puppet to her father. She acts as a good daughter but a poor judge of character.

Hamlet is a great play but I think there are greater in the pocket of Shakespeare.



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