When Our Doll met a Doll…


“Do you see that doll? It doesn’t speak”
“Oh you don’t know, it does breeze
When in company of her companion
She pours her heart out into words
She feels good, as in triumph.
They hold each other’s hand upright
Like its a bond forever and destinies
They bind it tight.
Bliss it was for her, too used to it to bother
She blabbered every thought out
Like she claims her rights on the other.
She listened to her submissively – the companion
who didn’t turn up once, so it went upside down
Our doll as always let off the barriers to her mind.
Their hands fell off, blue bliss turned brown
She (the companion) asserted and shared
Our doll, listened placidly
They held their hands, tighter and braced”
“I see them talk, it’s beautiful.”



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