Reading 30 Challenge: #5 – Othello by William Shakespeare: A tragedy woven by jealousy.

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Othello by Shakespeare is among the best dramas ever written. A critic classifies it as one of the best tragedies penned by Shakespeare.

Its the story of a dark skinned man known as Othello who secretly marries a beautiful woman Desdemona. The story takes its turn when Iago, Othello’s ancient, puts the seed of jealousy in Othello to take revenge on him for not having given him the position of lieutenant. Following this is the chaos in minds of characters that leads to tragedy. Its the misunderstanding among characters that fuels the tragedy. Its the tale of evil enslaving the gullible. Iago confirms to be the evilest of villains. His foul plans takes along many lives. Desdemona proves to be a faithful wife while Othello a disagreeable husband.

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I found Emilia (wife of Iago) the courageous among all the characters. Its her fearless dialogues and her intelligence that brings out strength in her. She questions the society and its norms. Her character illustrates her faithfulness towards her husband and also towards her mistress (Desdemona). She though acquires a small position in the story, takes away the greatest glory.





Othello is a Tragedy of Love, its a Tragedy of Women, a Tragedy of Relations and a Tragedy of Belief.

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Shakespeare makes it power-packed by colouring it with mighty dialogues and varied characters.

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How jealousy conquers the mind that he ceases to absorb the love around him, is beautifully portrayed by Shakespeare.
Its the writing style of Shakespeare that makes even a common story a unique one!!