Can anything be higher than mine love for thee?

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man and writing an exact man.

I smile in thy presence, because thou are real. Others are a moment but thine are my memory.

Through the time unending, I seeketh thou to have thee in me.
I pray thee…bless me with thine words when and ever I travel through time and space & reside in me with thine feelth when I live myself through this world.
Answer me, should I learn anything not in thy words??
Tell me those aren’t fruitful because what lies in you is eternal and empowering, not-needful of the things that lay below thy place.
Thus, I hereby declareth my residence in thy world unmindful of the false attires I was once, supposed to put on, forgetful I get about those because after all thou have completeth me already.

I wrote this now while I am supposed to be with economics…which I honestly, Hate. I got so overwhelmed with the thought of literature and classics that I could not help myself scribbling,, excuse me for the exaggeration and please ignore the mistakes😛
Also, sincere apologies for disappearing for a while. I truly missed being here.


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