2016! Its never too late…

So the year is ending today but not the life. Bang! I have a new year tomorrow- Smile :) If I begin counting I might end up with a huge list because there are so many things that happened to me and so many thoughts that passed my mind. To look ahead, I still have so much to do and great much is still left in the even bigger list.

When a year comes to an end we all consider it gone with sighs – happy or sad! We all wish for a better year and a fresh start. We all see a new year as a new beginning to life. Let all of us forget and forgive! Let us all strive for a better being! Let us all aim at becoming an example for one person at least! Let us all feel and understand the words when we wish “Happy new year” to people. Its never too late…

My new year resolution is to become a better person and live a better life! What is yours?

Happy 2017! 


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