Learn because learning is beautiful!

I wonder at times what has education done to me. I am a literature student and every time I enter my classroom, I become a learner and the moment I leave, its the amount of things I have learnt that elevates me. If I look back at the path I have travelled, its astonishing to see the growth I have been into. Each day I am growing in terms of life and knowledge. 

          Learning is a beautiful process, once we understand the meaning of it, we begin to grasp and capture the best that suits us. It’s required for all of us. Our experiences that eventually become our decisions and opinions are significant. It’s necessary to experience and I feel the more one is experienced the better qualified he is. 

          Education does not mean reading just the prescribed text books in institutions. I feel, I have learnt more from people than only text books and thereon, through literature. People are full of experiences and learning about them is true education. 

         I feel that we should always give ourselves that space enough to encompass a new thought. The education is best received when people are welcoming towards it. Each one of us carries our own thought process, and that is what makes us have a different perspective from others. Education means welcoming each perspective and not abolishing it. If it doesn’t fit in our mind, then we possess the freedom to not accept it but then its inhuman to reject it completely. Lets not forbid ourselves from that space. 

          When we address someone as our Teacher, this name in itself carries a great meaning within. Someone who is professionally a Teacher may not really be one and yet there are people who are wonderful teachers but not profess it officially. If you are being taught in an institution by great teachers then regard yourself as fortunate. Teachers are one of the greatest people we have around us and Education becomes a true bliss if we welcome it honestly. 


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