Sing like you are meditating among the words pouring rhyme. Alphabets when stick together, they gain power. Love underlines the speaking words, so that they don’t fall unknown. Musical air pushes them forward allowing them to express their existence.

     Let the words jingle instead. Let them flow. Let them mark their presence and let world feel its essence for when alphabets stick together they become magic touching the ears of the sky and heart of the earth. Let them move through vapour and let them sit among the trees. Let them blow the house of evil and decorate the blissful sites. 

     In them lies a vivid picture, compellingly clear. They are beautiful indeed with beauty unbound. Its that power that creates colour with black ink. They can wake you up to think once and realise your deeds. Dearest reader, they can even put you to sleep. 

     Imagine how the world will be if there are no words, your mouth, then will only produce noise, incomprehensible to the other. How will you express that you are in trouble? Forget about expression, how will you think?The books that you are proud of will all lie fallen. Did you ever think why animals don’t rule the world?

      If its power that fills the alphabets then you must know what is power. If it can soothe, it can also bring disaster. So why not use it wisely and let peace bloom on earth, for words are pious creatures, don’t make people hate them. 

    Words have meaning. Don’t deteriorate its essence please. Why use “what’s up” when you have “How do you do” in existence. Short forms have become little enemies of big words. I know you like consonants more but please respect the vowels. It’s because they exist that you can sing unaltered. Lastly I request you to not to be miser in words, “TYSM” has no feelings in it, rather I suppose it doesn’t consume much of your time to say “Thank You So Much”. 


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