Dearest Mother!

Mother dear, you are so lovely! Such tender heart and the beautiful smile. How well does it convey everything! Is it you who made this word ‘Mother’ sound so priceless? Oh, dearest! Its the air that surrounds you that puts me to peace. Its the little things about you that I can never imitate. Its you…just you who can carry the style. Its so astonishingly pleasing to have someone who knows me so dearly well. And the moment when you care little extra for me, Oh! That makes me feel like a queen. I so love it! That attention that I get, Oh! Its so wonderful!!! The fact is, it’s coming from you and the reason being that pure and tremendous love. That woman to woman talk, iced with gems of mirth…it makes me forget everything else. How is it that I tell you everything with such less an effort. My home…its you Mother. When I rest my head in your lap…that’s my home! I love you mother. Happy Mother’s Day! 

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