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I realised the time moves on and so do we. We grow each day and so do our thoughts. So I figured I need to add a fresh introduction to the blog.

I am now 21 and still a literature student. Writing has become my expression.

I feel all of us have a story behind us. I enjoy knowing people’s stories. The stories that make them what they are in the present. Its interesting to know that each one of us has a completely different story and yet we cross each other in some chapter of our life.

In this blog I write the short stories that come from our lives and take a shape of a chapter somewhere. Hope you enjoy the read.


Dolly Bansal




Hello Bloggers

My name is Dolly, I have lived 19 years of my life and I love writing. I remember having written a short story when I was 9 (I suppose). Though it was a very callow attempt but it makes me feel good that I somewhere had discovered love for writing at that very age.

I began reading stories and essays gradually, and tried my hand on poetry but could never really get good words to fill the blank sheet. I plunged into reading teen novels like ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ and fantastic ones like ‘The Hunger Games’.

The turning point in my life was when I read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho (I strongly recommend everyone to read this book at least once in your life). It was only after reading this book that I actually discovered myself. Soon I began studying Literature and found an original beauty in it which has left an impression in my mind that finds it place out through my poetry.

After Reading Works of the legends of literature – Francis Bacon, John Milton, Emily Bronte, John Donne, and more, I realised where my true happiness lies and that is writing.

Poetry and Prose:

The poems and prose in this blog, more or less define life and emotions enclosed in it. I have been blessed having been born in a beautiful family for whom my love is immensurable. They have been my inspiration in everything I have done. The posts in this blog are born out of their life lessons and love for me. Life makes you experience every little emotion embedded in it. It offers you a plate full of lessons, sentiments and experiences.

It’s my attempt to post the best of life I can.

Views on Literature:

I love reading novels and other literature works as well. It is more like a meditation to me. I think novels offer a vast space to you to fill it with as many images as you wish to. You create while you read without any boundaries to your imagination.

There are novels which leave an imprint on your heart and stay with you forever. In my case, it was ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte, ‘If You Could See Me Now’ by Cecelia Ahern, ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and some more which has its place in this blog.

It is not really about the reviews on novels, instead I have tried to put my views regarding the works I have read and not critically analyzing it.

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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just by reading about you, I can tell that you’re someone who cherishes the people around you, especially those who matters the most to you! I like how the design of your site is and definitely like your posts so far. Keep em coming!

    Will be looking forward to see more of your content ;)

    Your pal,
    David Long


    1. Its way more than just a compliment for me.
      Thanks a lot!!
      I don’t see myself among them right now. I just admire them endlessly. They are the pioneers of literature after all.


  2. You don’t know about your great inner strength and emotions ,you are blessed by so many people and will get a boost with spiritual education.One should fix their target to reach at the top not at the slop of a mountain.No doubt you are the beginner but you have to achieve your target .Why one should not be recognized as Legend? Everyone started their journey from Zero to Hero.


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