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Closing the challenge! 

Sorry bloggers. I could hardly keep up with the Reading 30 Challenge. Its been quite much of a time since I last posted on WordPress. I am closing this challenge but will continue to post about new books I read. I hope you will enjoy the reviews. Today I have with me Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell, I have heard a great deal about this book which makes me super excited to read it. I will soon come up with my views on the book. :)


Dolly Bansal


Reading 30 Challenge

Reading 30 Challenge. I take up this challenge for this year.

This Challenge comprises following 2 rules:
Read 30 books this year. (Not a big number for regular readers)
Post your views at your blog on the book you read, immediately after you finish it.

If anyone is who is willing to take up this challenge is most welcomed.

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