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It’s not Okay

While pressing toothpaste to fill my toothbrush white
A sound of guilt came from beside
Seeking for sorry, she had committed crime
She said I would kill her, if I knew the prime
I laughed and ignored her unreasonable cry
She told me that she had lost it, perhaps
She said she was sorry and I smiled
I kept my face relaxed and calm
She kept asking, I kept silent, meant no harm
Finally did the words I locate
I said this time, “It’s Okay”.



I Kept Silent Still

The roar of a lion took me aback.
It was filled with the unexpected voice
Shrilling hurting my ears track
It wasn’t a song but noise
Went crying and moaning all over
I listened kept looking like I had no choice
I wished I could hid myself under cover
I kept staring and rooted myself numbed
It demanded help and a hold to stop fervour
I could say “stop” and end all that burned
But I kept silent like it didn’t matter
And it stopped roaring but nothing turned
Lion smiled and up he gathered
But I knew that it pained still
I kept silent still, endamaged.