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Few days with togetherness

our friendliness and gregariousness.

Our closeness with our dream

showers happiness and gladness.

Its our conversations about life

that blooms us with cheerfulness.

Sharing and talking lends us

lightheartedness and peacefulness.

And it was liveliness towards our passion

that gave us friend for foreverness.



The pristine treasure

Oh! Dear, will i be losing you?
few more years and you will evaporate
to bless some other soul like mine
it is less, the time.
Registered in you the names
of pioneers you are proud of
lie here in me in my mind.
Your evolution bedazzle me
your archaic style bewitches.
You are rich, the richest rather
for you possess the best ever.
Every word coming from you
leaves me spellbound, its true.
You are always here, with me
Someday, not asking too soon
Will you promise to have me in you?