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Bosom friends.

“You are dissolved in a water you can not get out of. I am still at the shore, please don’t pull me in…”, pleads brain to his lovely heart. 


Once upon a time…

The phone rang and I hastened to get it. My eyes welled up as I heard the words. No word could I locate to spell what I felt. I cried heartily as I put the phone down. It took me a while to gather my senses together but I managed to make it to the hospital. I rushed up the stairs, and was guided into the room. She was there nestled all snug in the bed. As I bent down to catch a glimpse of her face, I trembled. Her eyes twinkled as she opened them. Oh! She was beautiful. My heartbeat seemed too loud in my ears as she wrapped her hand around my finger. The happiness was unbound. My niece was born!