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John Keats in his poem ode to the nightingale, wishes to escape from the realities of the world to the imaginative world. A world which is perfect and ideal, by the medium of nightingale’s song. He feels that the bird lives in a place of beauty and hence, wishes to experience that very  place.

Keats because of the chaos in the world wished to escape to the world of nightingale where there is peace, happiness, and beauty. He found solace in the song of the nightingale which allowed him to escape to the world of imagination, to the world where he is away from the worldly cares and daily trifles of life. The nightingale’s song became a source for him to escape to his imaginative world.

Similarly, today, in this very modernized world, I think, if not all but almost each one of us wishes to escape from this very world. Every individual seeks for some source to escape to his imaginative world for the desire of peace, happiness, life and beauty. The inhabitants of this century feel that they have drowned in the sea of problems and are in deep need for escapism so that they can find a better place for their lives.

Keats wished to escape because of the problems in his personal life. If we try to apply this concept to today’s world, probably our reason for escapism could be this virtual world created by our own selves.

Modern world is digitalized world, where everything existing is technologic including our own selves. One uses technology at the end of one’s tether. If we take a look at our surroundings, we might find how tangled we are in this digitalized world.

From morning to night, our every single thing is dependent on the gadgets created by our scientific scholars. We expect our mobile phone to buzz in the morning in order to wake us up. Our “to-do list” in our phones tells us the schedule for the day, for we might forget to perform  a task otherwise. “Internet” is the solution to our every question. Texting keeps our friends “closer” throughout the day. This is our life- texting, surfing and mobile phones.

This has become a part and parcel of our lives and once if it is taken from us, perhaps our lives will prove to be false. We are so blinded by this virtual world that we have in real sense ceased to live.

We as well need an escape from this virtual face of earth like Keats wished to escape from his reality of life. We as well need a nightingale’s song to strike the very roots of our hearts as to transpose us to the place of beauty as it did to Keats.

Our place of beauty lies in this very world but is unseen. We have forgotten the real sense of beauty and are keen in modernized world. The beauty lies in everything present around. It’s only our eye which is unable to reflect the beauty present.

The feelings are ignored in this world. If we once try to feel the emotions, we might realize that there are things which need our attention for they can give us eternal happiness.

We fail to sense the happiness that comes to us by the smile on our mentor’s face. The creations of nature, the creations of god remain unseen by our eyes. The warmth in the hug of our parents is not felt by us. An affectionate hand of our friend is not reciprocated. The words of the book remain untouched by the reader because people have stepped towards using e-books. The patience level has degraded because of the instancy in mobile phones. Every detail is saved in the external memory – from contacts to birthdays. Our own memory is devoid of the pleasure of retaining minute details of things, for everything is available at single click.

We need an escape from the digitalized world to the world, where affection is felt, happiness is sensed and the real thing is seen and touched. Where it is not the laptop screen that connects us to our friends and instead our real presence that enables us to feel the attachment. Where people express through their proper words and not abbreviations used in texting. Where the language exists to communicate and not to be overused or rather misused. Where the power of patience is pleasure and not provocation. Where the silence is music and not noise. Where the beauty lies in inner self and not in the face of the photograph. Where the beauty of visual scenario is recorded in our minds to treasure it forever and does not lie in the camera roll of our phones. Where our vast imagination is enriched by the images created by the words. Where the power is our self and the beauty lies in our words. Where  faith, trust, loyalty prevails and distrust and distress is unheard of.

We, perhaps need this escapism. We, perhaps need to feel that moment of trance where the peace is felt. We, perhaps might create a creation the way Keats created the creation.

This ideal world might remain as an imaginative experience for us. As Keats after the flight to his perfect world came back to the reality of life, we also anyhow, need to accept our reality. A place where modernization rules its people. But, we can promise ourselves to not become the slaves of this world and instead understand it and experience the hidden beauty in everything that lies before us for this may prove to be our escape.