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A letter to 2017…

Hello 2017! 
I am coming with positive thoughts and will trample hard on every negative vibe you give me. I am going to make you bright no matter how many times you try to switch it off. I will never give myself a chance to feel the rush of tears until it has come from a very happy heart! Remember, you are dealing with a much stronger and a happier person who doesn’t let herself down! This year, I am going to do something big which you have not seen so far, so watch out for it! Be careful when you unveil your days because you are going to meet a person who will live each day in your calendar. All the dark shades that I wore in 2016 are going to be coloured better this year, so do not even try showing me that ugly look of yours! I promise you that I will live the life and be the person I ought to be. I promise to make you blissful and not leave a scar on you for I ll smile throughout. I must tell you that, it will be you who will be teary-eyed to leave me when its your time to bid goodbye because you will never have seen a person so beautiful as me! 

(Because each one of us writes this to 2017)


Another side of love

The little cap of my pencil put me in sorrow
for I lost it in the middle of writing a page
dropped somewhere along the furrow
Time travelled few minutes and I travelled along
for I knew not that I lost my voice
realised when, in despair strong
Through the corridors and rooms did I move to and fro
in an urge of deep desire, I appeared fool to some
Finally did I locate my life straw
put a wide smile on my face which unwilling to fall off
“it is something I love the most” I answered my friend
Love is love, not what we love, nothing to show off.