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The Frozen Dessert. 

The gesture of sheer goodness brings smile so real that even the hardest of gloom bids goodbye. Its so simple an act yet is so prolific in nature. How genuinely he inspite of our repeated protest, offered us that deliciously flavoured frozen dessert. How lovingly his little girl in hands so tiny carried the sweet treat as not a piece of it would fall off. The rapid feet climbed the stairs to reach us for we stood in the balcony. Oh! When I held it in my hands, all I could see was the absolute goodness. Even in thanking him I could not repay half the goodness he showed. Such people teach you so many things together that you are left to revere them in the most honest manner. 


Her beauty. 

The grace of air breathing in the hair and the gleam of sunshine glowing on the face were the kind of beauty he admired. The kind of smile of the genuine heart and of the muslin that embraced the art were the only richness he marvelled at. We only pray that his hopes do not lead in dismay for the kind of truth he harboured in mind was not readily available in the present world.                     

                       The jealous hearts are the most poisonous of all for they endorse only hypocrisy. The innocence that lies so deeply hidden is nearly impossible to trace. There resides virtue in places so common to us that we overlook it more often for its the elaborated frill that most catches our eye. In a matter of such oblivion, its only his truest nature that can discover the beauty of that kind.