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The pink. 

The sky was pink and so the river that met the sky. I traversed the hellacious night while the pink waters drowned me into the sky. 


Short Song that would Last Long

I was in a tittle-tattle when I heard,
a sound beautifully woven into a word
It said, “hello”, like a wave pleasing to ears,
The noisy prattle went down to clear.
I turned head, to locate the sound
It was a pretty face with smile unbound.

The music turned off right in the morning
but it galvanised when the night began falling.
Everytime the door turned open
the power of freshness spirited me unrotten,
brought along a new light in the room,
It was real and pristine that took away gloom.

The words of life coming from her
were wisdom for me, will treasure forever.
The music lasted only for sometime
but it was soothing-serene to imprint on mind
Its perhaps never going to play again
but still, it will recline in the pocket of my brain.

Though I didn’t get to know her much
It’s enough for me to claim as such,
She’s beautiful indeed, no doubts to hold
She’s greatness wrapped in a paper of gold.
Nothing too much, no additives do I pour,
The words in these lines are true and pure.

This stream of thought had run before as well
but it showed up on the shore at today’s bell.
The gesture of love to be held in a book
left me enthralled and wordless did I look.
Tiny article tucked on a page,(might it seem),
I see life in blue, yellow and pink’s cream

I always listen to her words with care
because I feel they are too precious to spare.
I thank her for all the words that she shared
and for the gifts that she kindly layered.
I thank her more, for letting me arrive
to the tiniest part of her life.