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It’s not Okay

While pressing toothpaste to fill my toothbrush white
A sound of guilt came from beside
Seeking for sorry, she had committed crime
She said I would kill her, if I knew the prime
I laughed and ignored her unreasonable cry
She told me that she had lost it, perhaps
She said she was sorry and I smiled
I kept my face relaxed and calm
She kept asking, I kept silent, meant no harm
Finally did the words I locate
I said this time, “It’s Okay”.




People grow but only physically
lacking every bit of sense chiefly
Why is it so?
The tree that has burgeoned big
bestows fruits blessed with qualities
But there are some
left with vacuousness
There are still other which possess nothing
but are as high as a mountain
impossible to climb over
hopeless to bow down to shower.
The ripe tree sheds tears
You know why??
Because they pity the high ones