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It’s because…

It’s because I had more faith in her assurance than in mine. Her words today appeared strange and voice unfamiliar. My weakness is I am honest to my relationships. She is too. Perhaps it were words that happened to play. Words after all are tricky weapons. Play with it carefully or else you pierce the heart of the other person. The voice really matters, I see. You should be well acquainted with every tone or else it might strike your eyes to tear before it happens to touch the ear. Expectations! Oh Lord what is the mystery of this word? Knowledge is cruel and Ignorance, a bliss. Truly said. Dilemma! Again what an execution of alphabets. They make such difficult words.I do not even have the power or the right with me to get annoyed. Do you know why? Because I trust her more than myself, still! How foolish of me! Her actions are not unreasonable. Her words might appear unfinished but there is always a string of emotions beside, incomprehensible though! I can not even put myself in her shoes because I don’t even know how her shoes look like. The only thing I am capable enough to do is trust her still!

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Can anything be higher than mine love for thee?

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man and writing an exact man.

I smile in thy presence, because thou are real. Others are a moment but thine are my memory.

Through the time unending, I seeketh thou to have thee in me.
I pray thee…bless me with thine words when and ever I travel through time and space & reside in me with thine feelth when I live myself through this world.
Answer me, should I learn anything not in thy words??
Tell me those aren’t fruitful because what lies in you is eternal and empowering, not-needful of the things that lay below thy place.
Thus, I hereby declareth my residence in thy world unmindful of the false attires I was once, supposed to put on, forgetful I get about those because after all thou have completeth me already.

I wrote this now while I am supposed to be with economics…which I honestly, Hate. I got so overwhelmed with the thought of literature and classics that I could not help myself scribbling,, excuse me for the exaggeration and please ignore the mistakes😛
Also, sincere apologies for disappearing for a while. I truly missed being here.